Thursday, March 08, 2007

Brunettes are so hot right now....

Seriously, engaging in somewhat of a social experiement to see if there really is a difference between blondes and brunettes. I have been a blonde my entire life, at one point my hair was so blonde it was white. I feel like I needed an extreme change in my life and my hair was the easiest thing to change. I'm still a true blonde at heart. In the meanwhile....I'll be taking notes to see if there really is a difference in the way people treat brunettes.

First note....on my first day as a brunette:

I for sure scared my father. He told me he hated it and couldn't look at it. He said, "I always thought you had such beautiful blonde hair"....sorry dad, that was pretty much fake too!

My mom said, "it's different". Kevin (lil bro) said, "i need a few days"

hmmm....mixed reviews so far, Did Carlos (the best stylist in the world) do me wrong?

Get to work....feeling very "witness protection" with my dark brown hair and extremely huge sunglasses.

Walk in the door, a few shocked faces....and even a few, "what are you doing in Christi's desk"'s

Overall, the guys all seemed to like it better, the girls were all interested in what inspired me. Good reviews.

So, I suppose the true test will be in a social situation where people did not know the "old" Christi. Will boys still buy me cocktails at the bar, will people take me more serious, will I blend? hmmm....I'll be sure to let you know. Especially about those cocktails.... =)

Brunette Love,